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The Principal (L3) Subsea Engineer is the highest internal point of technical escalation for 1st and 2nd line teams. They will use their expert level knowledge of the subsea industry & technical expertise to determine the best course of action when reacting to major incidents on subsea cable systems. They will have the knowledge and experience to accurately identify and implement the best course of action to rectify faults, and, in the event of a fault that requires a marine repair, they will facilitate a decision as the marine authority along with cable consortia OWG, consultants and vendors, and if required be capable of managing all facets of deploying a marine repair. They will be responsible for providing all necessary information on locations, scope of works, spares, and any other information required to ensure a timely, accurate and successful resolution. They will take the lead on incidents that require the engagement of the crisis management process with all key stakeholders.

In addition, the Principal (L3) Subsea Engineer will be responsible for identifying, nurturing, and developing suitable internal candidates for future roles. They will curate and manage a repeatable training and development plan that will provide the skills, knowledge and experience needed to create the next generation of consultant, that includes capturing the necessary evidence to demonstrate and measure the success of those identified.

Recognising the possibility that cable consortia OWG’s may wish to retain some, if not all of the elements of responsibility of the Principal (L3) Subsea Engineer, their exact duties will be defined in the relevant statements of work specific for each cable system and clearly captured using the RACI methodology.

Detailed Job Description

Notwithstanding the previous qualification, the Principal (L3) Subsea Engineer shall be responsible for:

  • The provision of more complex services to our client.
  • Working closely with the Vendor NOC, and possibly integrated at third party suppliers discretion, delivering what was traditionally undertaken by the ‘Landing Parties’ acting as ‘Maintenance Authority’ 
  • Taking a long-term view of holistic O&M applicable to the cable system under management, making proactive recommendations as necessary to minimise future downtime and outages
  • In the event of any fault located anywhere within the cable system, the Principal (L3) Subsea Engineer shall determine the fault location where the Vendor NOC/Landing Party is unable to
  • Furthermore, the Principal (L3) Subsea Engineer will manage the process to identify and sign off on a fault location prior to mobilisation of repair assets
  • Whilst the Vendor NOC may seek third party supplier guidance, the Principal (L3) Subsea Engineer role is to validate this, being an industry expert, and challenge the third party supplier as required. 
  • Reviewing all relevant ad-hoc repair MoPs, providing comments as required.
  • Regular evaluation of the long-term System performance and with the prior approval of the OWG, initiate any improvement studies.
  • Providing the interpretation and appropriate guidance to guide the Vendor NOC through any change requests initiating with the OWG
  • Proactively proposing changes to any operational procedures as the result of lessons learnt.
  • Providing expert input to the OWG on current or alternative Marine Maintenance Providers, including operational procedures and lessons learnt.
  • Managing the process to collate all data relative to a fault or incident that may lead to signing off a marine mobilisation request by the cable consortia OWG.
    • In managing the process, thePrincipal (L3) Subsea Engineer must ensure that the appropriate spares are loaded
    • the fault location is correct
    • the most expeditious and cost-effective repair solution is being followed
    • prior to asking the cable consortia OWG to sign off the action and cost 
    • as required and directed by the OWG, be capable of managing all facets of a marine repair
    • During a marine repair, proactively identify any risks or other critical observations

About You

  • Extensive industry experience on all technical matters around submarine cable operations and maintenance
  • Worked for a minimum of 10 years in the submarine cable industry
  • Considered a subject matter expert in provision of fault location services and the ability to fault find complex, multi-faceted situations.
  • Demonstrated ability to challenge and work collaboratively with System Suppliers on complex matters.  
  • Ability to build and maintain good working relationships both internally and externally·
  •  Ability to execute and drive issues to closure.
  • Analytical problem solver.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written English.
  • Desire and motivation to learn and ability to advance skill level.
  • Continuous improvement mindset to identify and recommend areas requiring change, as well as recommendations for solutions.
  • Consistently exercise independent judgement and discretion in matters of significance.
  • Ability to multitask and prioritise workload.
  • Flexibility and ability to work on own initiative.
  • Strong sense of responsibility and ownership.
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure.
  • PC literate, especially Microsoft Office.
  • Self-assured in contact with customers, sub-contractors, suppliers and internal resource.
  • Trustworthy and honest.

About Us

At Indigo, we're at the forefront of the telecoms industry—an exciting arena characterized by continuous growth, innovation, and transformation. In 2020, the global telecommunications services market was valued at an impressive US $1657.70 billion, with projections indicating it will soar to US $2395.47 billion by 2027. This dynamic landscape offers boundless opportunities for personal and professional development.

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